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Endoscopy digital video processor Pentax EPK-1000

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Endoscopy digital videoprocessor EPK-1000Conventional endoscopes often do not allow the diagnosis of early-stage lesions, which can finally lead to tumors or carcinomas. Digital endoscopy systems and new technologies are offering solutions for the early detection of cancer.

The excellent image quality of the Pentax EPK-1000 video processor and 70K/80K endoscopes is possible through innovative digital signal processing (DSP) technology, which contributes to digital image technology without loss of image quality. At the heart of the new Pentax digital video endoscopy system is the EPK-1000 color CCD video processor, which is equipped with an integrated xenon light source. Through digital signal processing, this unit offers outstanding image quality with regard to resolution, color reproduction, and brightness control. The new Pentax 70K/80K digital endoscopes are equipped with special high-resolution color CCD chips, producing brilliant, very sharp, full-screen images.

The advantages of therapeutic endoscope applications are undisputed, with innovative developments in techniques - e.g. hemostasis - making this trend clear. During the development stages of the 70K and 80K series endoscopes, one of the most important challenges was to improve their therapeutic characteristics. Despite their slim construction, this has been achieved, and even the routine models have therapeutic working channel diameters and more effective suction facilities for the user.

Digital processing of video signals produces endoscopic images with enhanced brightness and resolution. For optimal clarity during endoscopic examinations, the EPK-1000 system provides crystal clear, full-screen color images on the monitor. In addition, the compact, lightweight design is the perfect solution for users of endoscopic systems with limited space. The EPK-1000 system is used with all K-Series Color Chip Video Endoscopes.

The EPK-1000 system supports a variety of peripheral equipment through a full range of video output connectors, including RGB and Y/C. There is also a serial connector for transferring still images to a personal computer, and trigger output connectors and an RS-232C interface for controlling external devices. This compact video processor unit weighs 30.8 lbs and measures 14.9 inches wide by 6 inches high by 16.5 inches deep. A newly designed lever system allows the scope to be connected to or disconnected from the processor quickly and easily at a single touch. The EPK-1000 system comes with its own keyboard for easier, faster input. These are large, clearly marked function and command keys to control essential endoscope function and peripheral equipment, such as color printers and video recorders. These keys are positioned according to their frequency of use.

Pentax PVK-1000 Video ModuleWith the addition of the Pentax PVK-1000 Video Module, both rigid and flexible fiberscopes can be used with the EPK-1000 to create images for convenient display on a color monitor. The preferred image size can be obtained by the 2-fold zoom function.

The EPK-1000 system can be connected to PC via endoscopy software Medical Vision.

Technical specifications:

  • Color system single CCD
  • Lamp xenon short arc
  • Video output 2 RGBS; 2 Y/C; 1 Composite
  • External device control 1 printer control connectors; 2 external device control connectors
  • Digital output 1 serial connector
  • Power: voltage 120V (NTSC) / 230V (PAL), consumption 2.0A/1.0A, frequency 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions (inches) W14.9 x H6.0 x D16.5
  • Weight 30.8 lbs        
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