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Endoscopy videoprocessor Pentax EPK-700

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Pentax EPK-700 The EPK-700 is a compact, lightweight combination of light source and processor. It produces extremely sharp, high-resolution color images generated by the 410,000 pixels CCD contained in all K Series endoscopes. The endoscopic image can now fill the entire screen. Patient data can be displayed or removed by simply pressing a button.

With the addition of the Pentax PVK-1000 Video Module, both rigid and flexible fiberscopes can be used with the EPK-700 to create vivid, life-like images for convenient display on a color monitor. The preferred image size can be obtained by the 2-fold zoom function.

The EPK-700 system can be connected to PC via endoscopy software Medical Vision.

Technical specification:

  • Color chip system
  • Metal halide lamp MSCR70-50E
  • Video output RGB SYNC (9pin Dsub x 2), Y/C x 2, composite (BNC x 2)
  • Voltage requirement 120V (NTSC) 230V (PAL)
  • Power consumption 1.5A, 0.8A
  • Frequency 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions W 380 mm x H 153 mm x D 405 mm
  • Weight 29.8 lbs.        
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