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Medical Vision software for Pentax endoscopy equipment

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The Medical Vision PC-based system allows complete management of all endoscopic needs. It is designed to offer enough flexibility to adjust with the changing needs of each endoscopy practice.

The Medical Vision application software features include patient record entry, video output, image and video capture, image edit and review, endoscopy report generation and printing. The unit is typically placed on a mobile cart and is intended to capture images from endoscopic procedures. Video option allows operator to capture moments of live video and store them to PC. A still frame review feature is available and 'still' image prints can be formatted. Endoscopic data can be recorded in real-time for later review.

The Medical Vision system is a cost-effective and ultra-convenient alternative to dictation. It is Windows based application, created to be user friendly and efficient. Customized templates for inputting patient information allow office notes, image reports and complete patient history to be generated, viewed, edited or printed instantly. Once entered, all information is stored in a master database for future access.

We installed the first Medical Vision system in 1998. Since then we installed a lot of Medical Vision systems with PENTAX video endoscopy equipment. We also supply special cable which allows to capture images and to store them to PC by pressing a button on Pentax video endoscopes, compatible with the videoprocessors Pentax EPK-700, Pentax EPK-100p, Pentax EPK-1000 and Pentax EPK-i.

image from Pentax EPK-1000 video processorMedical Vision technical specification

  • Video signal source: analog video output (VHS, SVHS) of VCR, endoscopy videocamera, endoscopy videoprocessor, etc.
  • One-click image storing to PC for all Pentax video endoscopes compatible with Pentax EPK-700 and Pentax EPK-1000 videoprocessors
  • Video signal standards: PAL, SECAM, NTSC
  • Video inputs: VHS, S-VHS
  • Full-screen video
  • Maximum windows size 768 x 576 (PAL) or 640 x 480 (NTSC)
  • Bitmap resolution: 8, 24, 32 bit
  • Bitmap formats: bmp, jpg, tiff, png
  • Printing on color DeskJet printers
  • USB footswitch for hands free image and video capture

Basic software features:

  • Software for Windows-2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Patient's database (MS SQL Server), containing complete information about all patients, test protocols and related data, all saved images, reports, comments, etc.
  • Advanced set of functions for viewing, editing, sorting and searching information
  • Full-screen video on PC, image capture by clicking a button or with the aid of footswitch
  • Image import / export to bmp / jpg / tiff / png formats
  • Image editing, viewing and printing
  • Video capture and video playback (AVI format)
  • Protocol and report generation
  • Report print preview and printing, report export to HTML format
  • Built-in help

Options for Medical Vision software:

  • DirectShow filters for advanced video processing (including video compression)
  • Set of functions for measurements
  • Multiple user version of software

Standard set description:

  • Framegrabber with resolution up to 768 x 576
  • Footswitch with connection to PC via USB
  • Medical Vision software for Windows-2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Set of cables
  • User manual

Full set description:

  • PC Intel Core2 Duo 2G/200G/128M/DVD-RW + keyboard + mouse
  • Acer 22" LCD-monitor
  • Color printer Epson or Canon
  • Medical Vision software in a standard set  
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